Therapeutic Massage with Kendra
Bodies in Health are Bodies in Motion

About the Practitioner

Kendra Stidolph, BA, HHP

University of Puget Sound, 1991-1995

Natural Healing Institue, 1997-2000

Practice Philosophy

Bodies in Health are Bodies in Motion.

Life is ever changing.  It is in this

idea that Kahu Abraham Kawai'i developed the main style of body work that I do.

Trained as a Hawaiian Kahuna, Kahu saw that mental concepts change much

quicker when the body has freedom of movement then just trying to change

mental concepts alone.

When we move like water through life, when we have the ability to navigate

around obstacles with a lessor degree of effort on our part.


Why I do what I do

I feel in love with Lomi in 1997, when I first started training in this bodywork.  I have

had the priviledge of attending workshops (three and counting!) in Hawai'i

with Kahu and his wife, Ho'okahi. 

Though Kahu has passed from this life, his work continues through Na Pua Olohe. 


Being a massage therapist allows me to faciliate my clients to better health in a

way that is both beneficial to them and to me.  As the practitioner, I use my body

movement to do the massage, rather than just having the massage

come from my arms.


Working with pregnant Mommies is the best.  Pregnancy is such an awesome time of

change and preparation to meet the newest member of the family, that to be

a part of time is very special to me.  I enjoy working with Mommies, to celebrate with

them when they feel the baby move for the first time, getting relief from aches and

pains associated with Mom's expanding belly, and being able to see the joy

 they have when they finally have the new bundle in their arms.   


When I am not a massaging...


My interests outside the massage room are great and varied.

Some of them are...






hanging out with my family

watching a sunset